Your personalized estate planning solution will be developed based upon your particular family situation, goals, and the size and nature of your estate. In this initial meeting we will spend a considerable amount of time discussing your personal goals, and your financial portfolio. I appreciate that this is often a very difficult topic to discuss. In an effort to alleviate as much anxiety as possible, it is helpful to have your information organized and know what to expect in advance.

Please be prepared to discuss details about your children and family members, including such information as their marital status, children’s names, financial independence, and any special considerations or concerns you may have about them.

If you have young children, please consider the individual(s) you will choose as guardians in the event that this becomes necessary.

Please consider the individual(s) you would like to designate for financial and healthcare decisions during your lifetime, and individual(s) you would like to designate as your executor(s), trustee(s).

If applicable, please bring the following documents to our initial estate planning appointment:

  • Contact information for related professionals; tax preparer; financial advisor; family law attorney; insurance agent, etc.
  • A current list of your assets, including real property, financial accounts, life insurance policies, retirement accounts, assets of significant value. Please include the location and approximate value of each asset.
  • Your current income, including source information.
  • Any and all estate planning documents you may already have (Wills, Trusts, Powers of Attorney, Healthcare Powers of Attorney, Community Property Agreements)
  • A copy of deeds to Real Property
  • A copy of any and all financial agreements relating to your current or previous marriages

Some clients prefer to complete a comprehensive questionnaire to make organization of this information easier. Please advise if you would like me to forward one to you in advance of our meeting.